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Best Local South Florida Topical CBD Producer Gets Personal

Poseidon's Botanical topical CBD company founder Douglas  Rosenbaum wants people in need of a solution for their aches and pains to consider the high quality CBD products produced by Poseidon's Botanicals as their best local South Florida solution they can buy on the market.

Douglas decided to get into the business of CBD distribution because he personally felt that he could have an impact on people who were suffering.  He also added pet CBD products for dogs and cats because he really cares a lot about animals and feels for owners who have pets who need these products. Doug just likes to help people in need!

In addition to edibles and pet CBD products, Poseidon's Botanicals produces amazing topical CBD products that Douglas stands behind. He's been at this for a couple of years and really believes in the product 

CBD topical solution

Let's say you having problems with your knees, elbows, joints, feet, face, fingers or other places you may have pain, using a topical CBD oil like one from Poseidon's Botanicals can really make an impact.

Just remember the founder of Poseidon's Botanicals stands by all the products and if you want to find out personally what Doug recommends just contact us.

Have a great day!

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