How CBD helped overcome insomnia, anxiety, and stress

Yoga Instructor and meditation coach leverages the benefits of full-spectrum whole plant extract to keep her feeling balanced, strong and looking great.


Meet Pamela Holt. Pamela is Yoga and meditation life coach. She runs her business and lives life to be 100% health-conscious and tuned in. Her busy schedule keeps it that way.

She moved to South Florida two and a half years ago, and as anyone who has made such a move knows, things can get stressful living in a new place and a new state. 

Pamela immediately began to feel the stress of the move.

Soon after, Pamela met Jon and Doug Rosenbaum, the owners of Poseidon’s Botanicals. She found out through Jon about the possible therapeutic benefits of CBD for her disorders.

“I had just moved 1800 miles, and that was a stressful event. Everything became overwhelming and exhausting. Thankfully I came across Poseidon’s Botanicals. Both Jon and Doug had a wealth of knowledge, and they shared with me the reported benefits people found using CBD”.


I was trying to find a way to regain balance and well-being.

Pamela always prides herself on being focused and resilient. Being a life coach in the health and wellness space can be tricky- And with the new challenges of the move, Pamela realized she had a wide range of ailments and disorders to tend to.

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Aches and pains
  • Dry skin
  • Migraines

She knew something had to change to get her back to that relaxed, positive state of well-being she always had enjoyed.

I was sleeping poorly from the move with random hours and just not feeling well. Doug gave me a multivitamin CBD gummy to try, and within minutes of taking it, I fell asleep and slept solid all night. After that, I knew CBD is something that may help me get back on track.”


Poseidon’s Botanicals product line is comprehensive and offers several different types of products, from face serums to multivitamin gummies. They also offer:

  • Dabs
  • Flower
  • Tinctures
  • Pre-rolls
  • Pet products
  • And Cartridges

 As Pamela learned more, she was able to incorporate a daily routine of beneficial CBD products.

“I was misinformed about CBD. Like many others, I thought CBD was related to Marijuana, and it was just another substance that should be avoided. Jon and Doug’s thorough knowledge and easy explanation helped me make informed decisions on which products would help me.”


The life coach gets back on track

Pamela suffered from numerous health-related issues brought on by her big move. Her discovery of Poseidon’s Botanicals is something she highly recommends.

“CBD has helped me get off of harmful prescription medicines, and being a life coach, this helps me get back to the balanced and productive life my clients expect.”

“It’s been good on a cellular level and works well as a daily routine. Being a vegan, the multivitamins give me all the essentials, and the body butter hydrates and restores my skin. When your skin feels nice and smooth, you feel good.”

CBD full spectrum whole-plant hemp extracts benefits are constantly being explored, and new and exciting discoveries are made all the time. By incorporating a daily regime of CBD into your life, you too may find relief from a wide variety of ailments and disorders like Pamela has found.

“Jon puts everything in what I call Pam speak - he breaks it down and explains it perfectly. Their customer service is great - And  I can always get what I need from them without waiting. It’s nice to be able to support a family-run business.”